Singapore Business & Finance Symposium

The Singapore Business & Finance Symposium (SBFS) welcomes students from Grade 7 to 12 (or equivalent) to join our global business and finance research competition, focusing on rigorous interdisciplinary academic exploration combining business & finance with different areas of studies in the arts and sciences. Under the notion that the most challenging questions the world is currently facing cannot be addressed by a single discipline, SBFS aims to offer unique opportunities to passionate young scholars to share their ideas on the future of the global business paradigm and to gain a professional business perspectives by building a global competency. SBFS holds two competitions a year, research paper competition and case study competition.

Judging Criteria

Top scored research papers must meet the criteria below:

01. Critical Thinking

The ideas that back up the thesis of the paper must have logical connections and need to be presented in a clear, organized manner.

02. Value Creation

The results/conclusions of the study must add value to the current business practices by addressing current, real world issues, and by featuring potential solutions that are applicable and realizable.

03. Scholastic Distinction & Originality

The thesis of the paper must feature the author's original ideas and must have intellectual and scholastic merit.




Call for Papers

SBFS is currently inviting students around the world to submit their research papers and essays. After a careful evaluation by our esteemed judges based on the judging criteria, selected research papers from each Group will be awarded for their excellence.


Discuss how e-commerce has impacted and transformed traditional businesses.

Participation Details & 2021 Registration

  • ​Submission Deadline: 27 December 2021, 00:01 hrs

  • Award Announced: 31 December 2021

  • Grades Allowed: Group A Juniors (7th-9th) / Group B Seniors (10th- 12th)

  • Participant Rules:

  1. Each student is allowed to submit only one application per competition.

  2. Participants must submit their paper in English.

  3. In addition to a fully completed Online Application Form, the research paper must be submitted in Word .doc, Mac .Pages or Adobe PDF format.

  4. Word limit is minimum 1,200 to maximum 4,000 words. Please refer to the Submission Guidelines for specific details.

  5. Only individual participation is accepted (team participation is not allowed).

  • Regular Submission: Submit your research paper by 27 December 2021, 00:01 hrs, with a registration fee of 280 SGD

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